Hi fraaaands 😂, I am back with the new blog . Topic which I experienced . A topic which happens almost in everyone’s life. So let’s begin. I was talking about shifting or moving house . This not only causes change in house but also in mental conditions of the people who are moving. Though […]



PARents & Tech

There is no age limit for learning new things . Hi friends, I am back with the new blog post. A topic which is interested . Now you will think what is a relation between parents and technology ? Parents are those who teach us to write . A person who shows us this beautiful […]

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Young India – Vibrant India

Hi friends, I am back with the new topic . Talking about youths , an important element for the developmemt of every nation. I got idea of this topic from the UPSC exam . In this exam such topics are asked. So let’s see how I can explain this topic now. Indian youth also called […]

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Respect Farmer

Hi friends I am back with the new topic. So let’s begin. Who are farmers ? Why are they so important in our life ? Farmers are producer of foodgrains. But according to me , they are God in our life. Without farmers, we can’t survive at all. Before eating food, we ever think about […]

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Save Villages

Hi friends, I am back with new topic . So let’s begin. Talking about villages, a peaceful life with no pollution . Talking about cities, a place where there is no peace and lots of pollution. Cities are filled with facilities and opportunities. Whereas villages have less facilities and opportunities. As compared to ecomonic, social […]

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Hi friends I am back with the new topic . So let’s begin. Talking about life of a woman , full of sacrifice , insults, humiliation, sorrows, etc . Starting from her birth till her death , she passes from atrocity . When she takes birth her parents didn’t want her but they forgot that […]

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Mahabaleshwar trip

Hye friends, I am back with the new blog. Today I am going to talk about the trip which I had gone from few days. Mahabaleshwar trip started on Friday at 8 pm when we started from home. Bus timing was 8:45 pm. But the bus came late. Till 2 am of saturday we were […]

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Tunes of the music

Hi friends i am back with the new topic . So let’s begin with the topic of music , songs and tunes. Today I was thinking which topic should I write today, then I got an idea from Google Doodle . Who was this man ? This is K.L .Saigal, an Indian singer . Today […]

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Hi friends I am back with new topic . So let’s begin. What is addiction? Why is addiction wrong? Addiction means a state in which a person physically and mentally depends on a certain thing for living . Such as smoking and drinking etc. It is wrong because these many addictives are bad for health. […]

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Hi friends, I am back with the new topic. The topic which is mostly discussed and source of attraction for media. Nowadays news are mostly talking about World War 3. Many isuues such as India-Pakistan border issue, North Korea issue, Syrian civil war and many more issues will be causes for this world war according […]