What are habits? Habits are daily

behaviour of a organism . May it be good or bad. Some are in genes while some are from society some are from friends while some are from inspiration. Today, we’ll discuss all habits in this blog.

If habits are so much important in life then how can they can be advantage? Only good habits or inspirational habits can lead to success . So we first need to understand what are good habits and inspirational habits?

Good habits

Good habits are the daily habitual action which are good for us. Example : Exercising, Studying, Sleeping at right time , Praying god before eating , etc. These habits are having many advantages but they are hard to be execute.

Inspirational habits

What are these habits? Many people may be reading it first time. These habits are absorbed by us taking inspiration of your role model. Inspiration in teens are generally toppers in studies. While for adults are famous persons in their field. These habits can be good as well as bad.

But what are advantages of habits? See there are advantages of habits only if they are good . And inculcate good qualities in us and which is beneficial for us.

Genetic habits

What is genetical habits? It means nothing but the habits that we get from parents or ancestors. Mostly children adapt bad habits of their parents and they develop good habits by themselves. Some people will say how is it possible? Have you seen a small child which is started going to school he gets taught good habits by parents or teachers . In this good habits are taught not already existed in him. But when we do bad habits no one teaches him it is their in born habit or taught by their friends.

Social habits

These habits are taught by society. I will give you all an example which saw yesterday night at road. In my country , when i was saw small i used to see people used to spit on road nowadays i see teenagers also spiting at road. This shows bad social habits can inculcate bad habits in growing children. But it happens some time only that society teaches us good habits

Peer habits

These habits are inculcated in us by our friends . They get inculcated in us due to peer pressure. Habits will be good or bad can be decided by positive or negative peer pressure. Example: Addicts, pressure to study etc.

Habits in day to day life

Habits can cause success or failure. They are useful . It depends on us to inculcate good or bad habits in us. Above i mentioned types of habits but they are just habit pressure. We are the one who decide to inculcate good or bad habits. Teenager who spits on road . Can’t stop himself while spitting? Can’t a teenager stop being addict of a bad thing? In every step of life habits are dependent. They are inevitable. They are present in every stage of life. We change them.

Bye friends i hope you liked it. We learned a lesson that success depends on our habits. If you want success you can change bad habits to good habits

What is your aim?

‘What is your aim?’ This question i heard from thousands of people . My answer was only one ‘NYD’ means not yet decided. They told me that , “Then what you will do after school?” . Again the same reply “NYD”. Nowadays in my country ,there is fad of IIT-JEE means technical engineering and medical. A question comes in my mind that , ” Why the hell do IIT get so many students?”

First of all I like computers and other technical gadgets but not in studying. I love studying biology and chemistry but when it comes to medical practical are yuk. Like me there are many students who have not decided their career. First of all how is our education system .

In my country , the portion is just remembering and not understanding the concept in school. But when it comes to college, almost all chapters are self study. But when we do these IIT JEE courses the concept is already new for us and we just did remembering work in school so many students fail in these courses and only way they get is to do simple job.

I want to advice students that please don’t choose your career due to your peer or parent pressure. Becuase it’s own life no parent or friend is going to help in your career. When it comes to selecting career only listen your heart. Do the thing where you have scope and happiness.

When it comes to become doctor, first of all you should have courage to cut a cockroach atleast. Of course you have to become proficient in medicines and biology.

When it comes to become sportsman you should have qualities of team work,never die attitude,losing but in happiness . Also sportsman should join a sport which he / she likes not by income.

When it comes to become a policeman or soldier , one has to only love , think , sacrifice about nation.

When it comes to become an engineer, you should not join it becuase it has income but you should have knowledge about modern science and mechanics.

There are many professions . But choice is yours to choose your favourite profession by love not by money. Those don’t have any favourite profession like me can do career counselling or search on google for your favourite.

Before ending the blog, my conversation with that people doesn’t stop at “NYD”. Then the people advice me that ” when you will choose your career ?” . Then i reply after my school there are 3 months to decide. They say just in 3 months you will gt confused and you will get in problem. I say ,”3 months have how many days , how many hours , how many seconds? “. And atlast the people stop questioning. But question comes in my mind is ” what the hell you want to do with my career think about yourself first.”

Bye friends . I hope you liked it . Choose what you like not others like


What are parents ? Who are they? Why should we respect them? Are they so much important in life ?

Parents are the one of shape our life. First of all the reason behind that how are we reading this blog is also our parents . Never forget parents they are the reason why you are and who you are. I have the title of this post as parents the 2nd god . But why parents are god ? Because one who take cares and fulfil our wishes is god and parents also do the same. Only difference between god and parents is that we can see our parents but cannot see god.We are the only one reason why they are happy.Parents are teacher,guide,protector and providers for their children.

When were baby the one taook care of us was parent. First words we say is our parents. One who teach us to walk are our parents .

When there is first day of our school for whom we cry and miss them are our parents. One who teach us basic maths and language are our parents. One who teach us difference between bad and good manners are our parents. One do not sleep whole night when we are ill are our parents. One who sing lullabies and read stories for us are our parents.One who make our favourite food for us though they are ill are our parents. One who earns for our education and needs and desires are our parents.

One who beats us for our good and later quietly explains us our mistake are our parents.One who makes us settle in our business or work are our parents. Later who allow us to do whatever want are our parents.

But what do we do for them. Can’t we just take blessings from them by touching their feet. Can’t we just say one thank you everyday to them. Can’t we give one smile to them after coming home from office. Can’t we just ask about their health everyday. Can’t we take care of them when they need us. Can’t we just do humorous talks with them.

Today’s world people are putting their parents in old age home as they feel that they are burden for them. I want to ask a question to these people that if during your childhood if your parents had put you in orphanage then. Please respect those parents and don’t put them old age homes. They took care of us now it’s our chance to take care of them. It’s pur to time sacrifice. Because some day we will be also parents and if our children also would do like this with us then.

Bye friends . Thanks for reading this post i hope you all liked it. Soon i will come with new posts

Teenage Life Part 3

Today i am continuing with the teenage life . We will conclude this topic in this post. Today’s topic is self enjoyment. First of all when we read the word ‘self enjoyment’ many bad thoughts come in our mind. So today we will discuss only good ways of self enjoyment.

How teenagers can enjoy alone?

There are many ways to enjoy some are good and some are bad.

True happiness arises,in the first place, from the enjoyment of one’s self

-Joseph Addison

In the picture given above, according to me that is self enjoyment.

Good ways of self enjoyment

1. Enjoying with nature


3. Finding a hobby

4.Reading books

5. Creating a blog or website

6. Uploading inspring or good videos youtube.

Bad ways of self enjoyment

1. Wasting time on mobile games

2. Wasting time on Facebook and Instagram

3. Watching useless things

4. Wasting time by doing useless things of self enjoyment

5. Watching idiotic box (television)

There are many good as well as bad ways of enjoying teenage life . Choice is yours. I would like to ask a question to all teenagers who are reading this blog. Do anyone really enjoy with the bad ways of enjoyment given above? I think that reading story books will give same entertainment as watching television. The difference is only that television will affect your eyes and books will not. I think that enjoying the real world is better than enjoying a virtual game world. Rather than doing useless things of self enjoyment as my friends do can you all not enjoy by finding a hobby like sports or art.


This is teenage life . It has twists and turns but also enjoyment. I want to suggest all teenagers rather than doing addicts or any other useless thing. Can’t you all enjoy your life by seeing the beauty of nature? God has given only one life to us . It’s our choice to make it meaningful or not. Along with studies , friends and enjoyment is also important. Because after this there is no possibility that you will have so much time as now. Life is only one. Teenage life is also only one.

Bye friends , i hope you liked it . I will be right back with new topics . Thank you

Teenage Life Part 2

Hi friends, I’m back with part 2 of teenage life. Today we will continue with teenage life with friends. I think this can be second part of my post Friendship also.

Today we will talk about importance as well as disadvantages of friends in a teenage life.

Peer pressure

Peer pressure is putting pressure on a friends to do some work which may or may not be right. Peer pressure is the reason which may make teenager a good or a bad man in future.

Advantages of friends in teenage life

1.Good pressure

2.Getting impressed and changing


4.Help during emergency

5.Keep you entertain

6.Source of advice

7.They will stand for you

8.They show who you are

9.A shoulder to lean on

10.They keep us in line

Disadvantages of friends in teenage life

1.Bad pressure





6.Cannot talk freely

But one who shapes our life is friend. The happiness and enjoyment we do with friends. One who make your teenagehood awesome is friend.With whom we share our thoughts is friend . From one whom we are impressed and want to become like him is friend. A one advices us is a friend. A one who helps you in emergency is friend. A one who entertains us with jokes and tricks is friend.

A Friend is someone who thinks you are a good egg even though you are slightly cracked.

Friend is something which has end in words but not in life.

But friends are the one who pressure on us for addicts. The one who make you a bad person is friend. With whom you abuse others and do mischeives is friend. Friend is the one who put bad habits in us. This is called friend.

Then we should not do friendship .This the thing where are teenagers get confused. Solution is that “Look before you leap” means think a hundred time before making a friend because it’s your life.

Thank you friends for reading .I hope you all like it and soon i will continue with teenage life part 3.

Teenage Life Part 1

Nowadays ,teenagers are just wasting their time on mobile,computer and television. Also teenage life is full of stress or enjoyment. It depends on teenager. Teenagers life has three elements:-




We will discuss all these topics in different parts . Today we will discuss about education.

There are two types of education system:-

1.Just Remembering the Concept

2.Understanding Concept.

Just Remembering Concept:

In today’s education system we can only see this concept. Children are just remembering and not understanding the concept. This have advantage that students may become topper. But in future when it comes to show what they have learned. They cannot show it becuase they have just remembered it not understood.

Understanding Concept

In few schools this concept is used. This is beneficial concept. This helps in future also and to become topper also. But this concept is getting lost due to lack of teacher’s knowledge.

Along with education, students should also get to participate in extra activities like arts and sports. This will develop a student intellectually , mentally and physically.

Schools should conduct workshops,aptitude tests, career counselling programmes and other activities for mental development of students.

The parents who didn’t allow students to study and tell them to work are the devil who are not allowing a bird to fly long. I salute to the government who help the orphan children to study.

Students are just like glutton. They have a greed of study . Let them fulfil their hunger.

Bye friends soon i will come back with part 2 till that take care

A life of freedom fighter in education

A beautiful sentence by indian freedom fighter.

Even if I have to face death a thousand times for the sake of my motherland,I shall not be sorry. Oh lord grant me a hundred births in India . But grant me this time,too that each time I may give up this life in service of motherland

-Ram Prasad Bismil

This was the spirit of indian freedom fighters. In this blog you will read a story of young freedom fighter named chandrashekhar dharmadhikari .

In a garden there are many plants who are not given water and not take care. But still they grow . We the children of freedom fighters are just like those cactus plants. In 1920 ,Mahatma Gandhi started independence revolution in that my father also participated. My mother was imprisoned as she joined individual satyagrah in 1941 and Leave India revolution of 1942. There was no support of my education.I started to study in a small park in Nagpur . I took primary education on a sack cloth mat. Then we came to a small village of Wardha in 1935. At that we were living in bajajwadi. Bajajwadi is a famous holy place. In India,that that divine thoughts,that that auspicious emotions are there,that that holy sweetness is present here. This place is holy due to Mahatma Gandhi.

In second grade, I went to tilak primary school at wardha. There we had a teacher named lahanu guruji. He used to tell that good manners can be taught to children they are already present in school atmosphere. When i became a judge i especially went to him and took his blessings.

At those days , we friends had a club. We didn’t used to see caste, religion or race. That club name was Ghanchakkar (playful people) society. This name was advised by my father. When we told this Mahatma Gandhi he replied that real Ghanchakkar is me. Ghan means tough and Chaklar means fast . Before we used to start playing ,we used to work on spinning wheel. Spinning wheel was a mark of efforts.In a small village,during night we used to teach old people.

Second mark of efforts was broom. We used to clean our surroundings. We used khadi (indian cloth). We never played with crackers. As they too were not indian. We never played any game related to money. As we didn’t want any fantasticism.

We used to learn in a ‘no wall’ school means we used to study on roads. Many teachers used to teach about moral values from holy books Mahabharata and Ramayana . In 1942 Mahatma Gandhi started ‘Leave India’ movement. During that time many schools were banned ,teachers were put in prison. I was too small to put in prison. But i continued with my underground movement of independence. In 1947 alas! we got independence and then i continued with my study. This is my wealth of knowledge which cannot become less,neither stolen by anyone. It is never ending.

Thank friends this was the life of a student freedom fighter. bye i hope you all like it