Hi fraaaands 😂, I am back with the new blog . Topic which I experienced . A topic which happens almost in everyone’s life. So let’s begin. I was talking about shifting or moving house . This not only causes change in house but also in mental conditions of the people who are moving. Though […]


PARents & Tech

There is no age limit for learning new things . Hi friends, I am back with the new blog post. A topic which is interested . Now you will think what is a relation between parents and technology ? Parents are those who teach us to write . A person who shows us this beautiful […]

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Young India – Vibrant India

Hi friends, I am back with the new topic . Talking about youths , an important element for the developmemt of every nation. I got idea of this topic from the UPSC exam . In this exam such topics are asked. So let’s see how I can explain this topic now. Indian youth also called […]

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Respect Farmer

Hi friends I am back with the new topic. So let’s begin. Who are farmers ? Why are they so important in our life ? Farmers are producer of foodgrains. But according to me , they are God in our life. Without farmers, we can’t survive at all. Before eating food, we ever think about […]

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Save Villages

Hi friends, I am back with new topic . So let’s begin. Talking about villages, a peaceful life with no pollution . Talking about cities, a place where there is no peace and lots of pollution. Cities are filled with facilities and opportunities. Whereas villages have less facilities and opportunities. As compared to ecomonic, social […]

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Hi friends I am back with the new topic . So let’s begin. Talking about life of a woman , full of sacrifice , insults, humiliation, sorrows, etc . Starting from her birth till her death , she passes from atrocity . When she takes birth her parents didn’t want her but they forgot that […]

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Mahabaleshwar trip

Hye friends, I am back with the new blog. Today I am going to talk about the trip which I had gone from few days. Mahabaleshwar trip started on Friday at 8 pm when we started from home. Bus timing was 8:45 pm. But the bus came late. Till 2 am of saturday we were […]

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