Hi friends I am back with new topic . So let’s begin.

What is addiction? Why is addiction wrong? Addiction means a state in which a person physically and mentally depends on a certain thing for living . Such as smoking and drinking etc.

It is wrong because these many addictives are bad for health. Life is an opportunity to enjoy this world. But addictives will turn the life to hell.

If you don’t care about your life think about your loved ones . Please think what will happen to them if you will be not there ?

If you have ever watched movies in India you would have noticed what is shown before starting the movie?

I know that it is in hindi language which many people don’t know so watching video without audio only gives it’s meaning.

People just watch this video but never take a lesson from it. I think almost every Indian reading this blog had watched this video atleast once but no one take it on heart.

This video really shows that there are someone who really need you . There many such videos telecasted before movies but no one take them seriously.

What is the special thing in drinking and smoking i don’t understand. Life is precious please enjoy it . Don’t waste life on drinking those foul smelling drinks and smoking that roll which not only causes harm to you but also people in your surroundings.

People fed up by watching those commercials of stop smoking but they never stop smoking. Though people are educated , they know the disadvanatages of it still they continue smoking and drinking.

Smoking and drinking are just starters but there many drugs and tobacco consumed by people. This addictive’s industries are the main reasons of this epidemic . If government would take step to stop these industries then surely the existence of such addictives will be ended from the world.

If your favourite actor is promoting a addictives because he has gor for that so never believe on commercials of additives.

As shown in image if we have to stop smoking the key is also near us . Just we need to use that key (self control) to become free from addictives. If u can’t there are many rehabilitation centres near us just we need to visit them.

I just wrote this as a blog but if this blog post would stop a single person from consuming addictives it would surely be a success for me.

Again before ending I just want to say life is precious please stop addictives, avoid it and avoid others to do it.

Bye i hope you all you would take a lesson from this and please share it to all. A small message would cause a major effect on many people’s lives.

Thank you…..

Images are taken from google and video is taken from vidmate .

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