Tunes of the music

Hi friends i am back with the new topic . So let’s begin with the topic of music , songs and tunes.

Today I was thinking which topic should I write today, then I got an idea from Google Doodle .

Who was this man ? This is K.L .Saigal, an Indian singer . Today is his birthday hence Google has put this on Google Doodle. For many people he is idol , teacher etc . Seriously I love singing and music but didn’t had idea who was this guy.


So let’s start with the beginning.

Try to remember first time you heard a song in your life.

Remembered? What was that and who was singer? Most people will say the song is lullabies sung by your mother which you still remember.


If you are 90s or before child surely you would say that old songs are best . They are peaceful and have a sense like songs. They are real songs. Songs during those days had meanings.

Songs Now

Of course, the songs now are useless and new youtubers are making the singing more rubbish by adding abusive words and tuneless songs. There are many examples , one of the trending in India is Dhinchak Pooja. She is the No.1 example .


We have many memories of songs and music like the friend who sings the worst, friend who doesn’t know the lyrics and sings anything and the best singer of our childhood while watching cartoons one and only Gian.

Favourite Singer

We have always fight about favourite singer with our friends and siblings. Starting from Lata Mangeshkar to Arijit Singh. Talking about me there are two favourites Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosale. Talking about everyone their favourite is Luis Fonsi , people even don’t know meaning of Despacito song and still they are listening it. But yesterday Despacito fans had bad day because it was removed from Youtube.

Benefits of music and songs

Songs and music are always a refreshing source for mind. Stress and tension are removed just by listening a song of your favourite singer. Songs refreshes us and without them , life seems to be boring and stressful. Every song is just available in seconds by the library of songs called Youtube . So whenever feeling stress just you need to open Youtube and listen your favourite songs and be stress free.

Songs and music are becoming a part of life. It would be classical or DJ , everyone loves to listen the song . For young generation whose passion is singing , youtube creates a platform for such singers. Singing is a hobby,career , source of stress relieve and source of entertainment.

Bye I hope you all liked this blog post . I will be back with new post soon.

Images are taken from Google.

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