Mahabaleshwar trip

Hye friends, I am back with the new blog. Today I am going to talk about the trip which I had gone from few days.

Mahabaleshwar trip started on Friday at 8 pm when we started from home. Bus timing was 8:45 pm. But the bus came late. Till 2 am of saturday we were in Mumbai only due to traffic. It was sleepless night and a movie was played on the T.V in the bus. We reached Mahabaleshwar at 9 am of Saturday.

Then we reached the hotel and had bath . Then ate breakfast then lunch. Then our trip started to Mahabaleshwar . It was trip to many points of Mahabaleshwar such as

Arthur seat point

Monkey point

Savitri point

Marjori point

elphinstone point

Castle rock point

Sunset point

After watching sunset point we returned to home then did the dinner and gone for sleep to be ready for next day trip.

Next day , on sunday we did breakfast and gone to strawberry garden and ate strawberry icecream.

Then we visited a vineyard called as kingberry in bhilar village.

Unique thing in this vineyard was this is strawberry vineyard.

Then we visited wilson point.

And then echo point

And elephant head point

We also visited Panchgani and Table point and few temples also.

There are seven points at distance of 7 km to travel these points you needed horse.

Then we did the dinner and gone back to hotel and next day we gone back to Mumbai.

Though Mahabaleshwar is good place but it was expensive lifestyle and water in taps is very cold as ice.

Saving such places like Mahabaleshwar is important for tourism.

Tourism leads to income and income lead to economic developmet of country.

Mahabaleshwar is only good place to visit in April and May becuase in other months there is cold weather which is unbearable.

Bye I hope you would like this blog . Will be back with new interesting topic .

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