Hi friends I am back with the new topic . So let’s begin.

Talking about life of a woman , full of sacrifice , insults, humiliation, sorrows, etc .

Starting from her birth till her death , she passes from atrocity .

When she takes birth her parents didn’t want her but they forgot that girl is the Laxmi Goddess. There are many cases of people throwing girl child in dustbin. Such cruelity of people is making the nation dirty.

In many rural places , she doesn’t gets education and does household works. Her childhood gets over in such works.

Sometimes in childhood only she is married with a man which is too much older than her.

Then again household works and taking care of children . After getting old again taking care of grandchildren and becoming a maid of the house.

This ends her life in just works without enjoyment and rights.

Then boulders in her life such as molestation, menstruation , etc.

Nowadays,molestation is becoming day to day incident . Trending issue is Asifa but there are many issues which are never noticed by people or cases are just closed due to careless and corupt officers. Man need to change his behaviour and need to respect her.

During menstruation, if a husband helps his wife in household works it would be more than enough.

Remembering your mother, sister, wife etc during woman’s day is not real woman empowerment but helping her when she is not feeling good and stopping molestation and infanticide.

Though many laws for empowerment of woman is made but social pressure is a challenge before this empowerment.

Don’t forgot one your molestating can be someone’s mother, sister or wife. If someone does it to your mother ,sister or wife , what you will do then?

Don’t politicize rape

– Narendra Modi

This was clearly told by honourable Indian Prime Minister, still people are insulting other parties . This is not insult of a particular political party but a insult of nation.

Many brave women are inspirations for scaring women such as Ramabai Ranade, Savitribai Phule, Tarabai Shinde, etc.

Fault is not of woman that she is born in this world but it is fault of society.

People need to come together , revolt and change this nation for women. Because we need society to change it’s mindset.

Bye I hoped you would surely like this blog .

Images are taken from google.

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