Save Villages

Hi friends, I am back with new topic . So let’s begin.

Talking about villages, a peaceful life with no pollution .

Talking about cities, a place where there is no peace and lots of pollution.

Cities are filled with facilities and opportunities. Whereas villages have less facilities and opportunities.

As compared to ecomonic, social , political factors , cities are more developed than villages. But environmentally, villages are more developed than cities.

Talking about health problems, cities face more health problems than villages due to pollution.

If you are a citizen, you will face more stress than villager.

That’s why a best plan for a trip is to visit a village than a city.

If you are thinking that there are no opportunities in villages,then you are absolutely wrong . Villages are best place to start a hotel or buy land for cultivation because here land prices are less.

Nowadays , villages are though changing and developing but there is a limit for development.

Due to over development in cities, we are facing pollution issues. If same we do with the villages , the place for tourism will also be destroyed.

Though many facilities are unavailable in villages but mostly villages are the place where farmers live and we get foodgrains.

If we ruin such villages how we will get foodgrains? Or we have to eat the polished and unhealthy foodgrains and vegetables produced in industries.

There is a major difference in taste of chapati(Flatbread) made by Foodgrains bought from a farmer and factory made such as Ashirvaad Aata.

Nowadays it is important to save villages from industrialisation. Cities like Delhi and Mumbai in India are already facing a hell lot of pollution.

I hope you would like this blog.

Please comment . It had been so many days I didn’t got any comment. Likes doesn’t make me happy but comments boosts to write blogs and I would write more interesting topics.

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3 thoughts on “Save Villages

  1. Yes we should not take away the beauty of village in the name of development. Yes of course it must not be deprived of technology at that same time the essence of its beauty should be protected.
    Well written. Keep it up.:-)

    Liked by 1 person

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