Respect Farmer

Hi friends I am back with the new topic. So let’s begin.

Who are farmers ? Why are they so important in our life ?

Farmers are producer of foodgrains. But according to me , they are God in our life. Without farmers, we can’t survive at all.

Before eating food, we ever think about the farmer who would have done so much efforts to produce crops.

No, we never or rarely we think about him. Farmers are inferior in many societies. But we need to make them superior because without them we can’t get foodgrains.

In few states of India like Maharashtra are daily seeing the news of suicide of farmers.

Solutions are many for stopping these incidents but people and government can’t give proper facilities to these poor farmers.

By seeing this sometimes I feel that communism maybe solution for this.

In poor states were farmers had to suicide and vice versa in state of Punjab were farmers live a life of rich person.

Government of India is giving more attention to Punjab by building canals and irrigation facilities , if a little help is given to poor states also then these states will also be granaries of India .

A little effort can bring a major change but not taking effort will make conditions worse.

So in this blog I just want to explain that farmers are also playing a crucial role of national economy so respecting them and providing proper facilities to them will surely put a step to bright future of a nation.

Farmers are not our slaves . Kindly respect them. They are nor inferior neither dumb. They are working for us .

Thank you I hope you all liked this blog. Sorry i posted this late. But i will surely bring new blogs on time.

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