Young India – Vibrant India

Hi friends, I am back with the new topic . Talking about youths , an important element for the developmemt of every nation.

I got idea of this topic from the UPSC exam . In this exam such topics are asked. So let’s see how I can explain this topic now.

Indian youth also called future of India . Preservation and all-round development of such youths will lead to a major development.

But a dark side for such youths are also prevailing in India such as human trafficking of kids, addiction and bad habits will lead to a dark future which is unexpected to us.

Human trafficking is a major disease which is making a huge effect on future of India. Can’t the people who does businesses think that they also have children ?

Cause of all this is decreasing amount of humanity in us . Today people have no mercy on anyone. Poor people are treated like a hell. Children of such poor people come under the hands of such ill effects of future development. Poverty , unemployment and illiteracy are some of the major factors who are contributing to such ill effects.

These youths who doesn’t have idea about what will happen to them? And their dreams are crushed by such mentally ill people.

Dreams of children are precious like a soft precious thing. They are precious but can be easily broken.

I salute to Noble peace prize recipient Kailash Satyarthi who contribute his life for saving such children.

Youths have dreams of becoming engineer , doctor , officers, pilot , navy etc . which contribute towards a vibrant India.

Never break these dreams and always try to save such children . Because if someone will do such things with your children also then you will also take action against such people. Better beware of such people and save Indian youth .

Indian youths could be next Sachin Tendulkar , next Dr. A.P.J Kalam, next Amitabh Bachhan etc . Next depends on the development of such youths.

Bye I hope you all liked this blog .

Thank you for reading .

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