PARents & Tech

There is no age limit for learning new things .

Hi friends, I am back with the new blog post. A topic which is interested .

Now you will think what is a relation between parents and technology ?

Parents are those who teach us to write . A person who shows us this beautiful world.

Though I have already written a blog on parents that is Parents -the 2nd god but still some points are left about them .

One of the point is technology. As we know the concept of generation gap. But today’s generation gap is technology.

Technology becoming a day to day need. Young generation is all known about this technology and are updated by it. But our parents and grandparents are still unkown of it.

They are also expecting that you will also teach them about this new technology like they taught you how to write.

But due to busy schedules and less amount of time , we ignore them . And main cause is we believe that they can’t operate this technology due to generation gap.

This disbelief causes them to feel that they are inferior or illiterate according to time.

But if we give them to use this technology they will prove themselves . Because there is no age limit for technology .

Just like us , they also need new things to learn. Just like us, they are also wanted to update their storehouses of knowledge.

We enjoy using internet by playing games , surfing on social media , uploading pictures on social media and chatting with friends . They also want such things for enjoyment .

Though they don’t show that they don’t need technology but they also want to use it.

Now talking about parents who know how to use tech , they usually use to spy their children. Though spying is wrong but knowing about children’s day to day activities is always right.

Because somethings are only taught by parents . Difference between good and bad is only taught by parents.

So I think you will also start educate your parents and grandparents about technology for Vibrant India entirely.

Bye I hope you understood the extract from this topic .

Thank you

Images are taken from google.

5 thoughts on “PARents & Tech

  1. Yes I have!! And I keep asking them to learn new technology. But many of the kids of today’s generation don’t do that. They need to understand its importance! Hope your post does that work 👍

    Liked by 1 person

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