Hi fraaaands 😂, I am back with the new blog . Topic which I experienced . A topic which happens almost in everyone’s life. So let’s begin.

I was talking about shifting or moving house . This not only causes change in house but also in mental conditions of the people who are moving.

Though shifting a house is just a minor part of life but still it also shift our memories . But we can’t shift our surrounding or friends. That’s what is shifting is just of memories and house rest all things can’t be shifted.

Memories can be shifted and they make a major place in our soul. But the thing is about surrounding , facilities , neighbours and friends.

A house can be arranged like old house but surrounding can’t be changed.

Old Neighbours and old friends can’t be brought to that place. A proper locality can’t be brought back.

Almost everyone in this world experiences it and what we just have about that old place are memories.

Memories which are indelible . But still there is something good in shifting house .

We get new friends and new neighbours . We get new surrounding and from that we get something new to learn. This causes a new beginning to the life . It makes our lifestyle different .

This a blog which I experienced few days ago . Thank you for reading this blog and hope you liked it.

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17 thoughts on “SHIFTING MEMORIES

  1. Congratulations on achieving 200 followers! That’s a great milestone, lots more to come. 😇 And I agree, friends cannot be shifted but one can definitely have a fresh start and try making new memories. That’s what life’s about. Keep trying new things. 🌼

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  2. Congrats on 200 followersss
    More to go
    All the very best
    It’s hard to shift urslf from one place to another.But a fresh new start is always good as well as memories just stay with us no matter where we go.
    Nice post…..

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