A 16 hours trip

Hye friends, I am back with new blog calling it 16 hours trip. Yesterday I really did a sixteen hours trip to 2 union territories and 2 States of India.And my first trip out of Maharashtra. Yesterday I saw four different state’s car plates such as DD (Diu and Daman), MH(Maharashtra), GJ (Gujarat) and DN(Dadra […]

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Cricket In India

Hi friends I am back with new topic. So let’s begin. What is cricket? Why is cricket so important in India? Cricket is just a game of bat and ball for few people. But for especially Indian cricket fans it is a religion. When I asked my friend about their opinion about cricket. They said […]

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Jio – World’s Fastest net

Hi friends, I am back with the new topic . On Saturday I was gone outstation for picnic and Sunday my net stopped working. Due to this I was unable to write blogs. Yesterday was a day without internet it was frustrating. I was angry I called jio customer care twice . Both the times […]

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Confusing Flags

Hi friends I am back with new topic. Yesterday when I was on twitter I got this post. First of all i wanna show you pakistani flag Then islamic flag Though there is just a minor difference but this twitter post can cause major riots between hindu and muslims. People are just sharing this news […]

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Hi friends I am back after 5 months I think so. Missed blogging and you all people too much. I was busy due to exams . So let’s start with today’s topic . Exams are the reason why I was unable to write the blogs . So lets start with who invented this stressful thing […]



Hi friends I am back after so many days as I was in busy in exams. After watching these video what came in your mind is why the hell people waste food? Why are people overeating? Why should waste food by decorating your friend’s face with cake? A small cake has so much importance. After […]

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How to earn money?

In the last blog post , we discussed about 10 ways to earn money. Now we will talk about how to earn it? There are many ways of earning money , it’s your choice that it should be good or bad way. In hindu religion, money is said to be as a goddess named as […]

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10 ways to earn money

This question comes to everyone minds. If it arises in your mind it doesn’t mean your greedy. But if you are thinking to earn money by wrong way or though are satisified but you want more then you will be of course a greedy person. Greed is a thing that a man can never ignore. […]

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God – A Divine Power

What is god? God is the creator of all things in this world. One who helps other without telling is god. One who has good qualities is god. One who destroys evil power is god. One who is divine is god. Creator of all good qualities is god. One who never sleeps is god. One […]

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What are habits? Habits are daily behaviour of a organism . May it be good or bad. Some are in genes while some are from society some are from friends while some are from inspiration. Today, we’ll discuss all habits in this blog. If habits are so much important in life then how can they […]

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